Electronic Resale Packets

TAB 1 General Info

TAB 2 Articles of Inc.

TAB 3 Dec of Covenants

TAB 4 Supplemental Cov.

TAB 5 By-Laws

TAB 6 ACC Regs

TAB 7 Map & Common Areas

TAB 8 Resolutions


If you have an electronic resale packet and need your section covenants, you can find those under "TAB 4 Documents" above.

The documents in the tabs above are the same as those provided in our resale disclosure packets with the exception of the resale certificate. The certificate is a legal document created for each property when a resale packet is ordered. If your packet is old or you can't find it, you may refer to these documents.

If you have questions regarding a resale disclosure packet, please email the Resale Coordinator at resale@forest-ridge.org. If you need to order a packet, please see the instructions on the SELLING page.