Be a Good Neighbor




Welcome to Forest Ridge.  We hope you enjoy living in our neighborhood.
As a Forest Ridge resident, there are some responsibilities that go along with living here.  They include:
1.  You must follow all of the Architectural Covenants and Guidelines.  These are designed to keep our neighborhood looking good and to increase property values.  If you have questions or need help with a project, e-mail our ACC Chairperson at
2.  You must keep the FRHOA notified of any changes in your status or address.  If you rent your home out, we must have your current mailing address at all times.  Send updates to
3.  You are responsible for paying your annual assessment on time.  These must be postmarked by January 31st to avoid a late fee.  If you have questions about your assessment, write us at
4.  You are responsible for keeping your home and property neat and in good order.
5.  When it snows, you are responsible for clearing the sidewalk around your property.  Plowing the roads to remove snow and ice is the responsbility of VDOT.
6.  You are responsible for maintaining our common areas by leaving them alone. Do not dump lawn and leaf debris or branches in common areas and never remove trees from common areas.  If a tree in a common area near your home needs maintenance, e-mail

Thanks for helping us make Forest Ridge a great neighborhood to live in!