Be a Good Neighbor




We all love to have great neighbors.  It makes living in our homes so much more pleasant.  As a neighbor in Forest Ridge, there are several things you can do to make sure your neighbors call you "a good neighbor." 
1.  When you move in, take the time to introduce yourself to your neighbors.  Get to know their names so that you can feel free to discuss issues with them personally. 
2.  Keep your home and property neat and clean.  Keep your lawn mowed and pick up your leaves before they blow into your neighbors' yards.
3.  Park your cars in your driveway.  If you have visitors or too many cars to park in your driveway, be considerate of your neighbors.  Do not park in front of your neighbors' homes or block their driveways.
4.  If you are celebrating and expect a large crowd, let your neighbors know in advance and do not turn up your music so loudly that it bothers your neighbors.  Invite your neighbors to the party!
5.  Make sure your trash and recycling bins are not in front of your neighbors' homes and bring them in as soon as you can.
6.  If you are remodeling or doing large-scale yard work, let your neighbors know what to expect.  If you have to park a large dumpster in your driveway, make sure your neighbors know how long it will be there and remove it as quickly as you can.
7.  Know your property lines.  Make sure that fences, landscaping, and toys do not impede on your neighbors' properties.  If you have a large tree that that covers part of the neighbor's yard, discuss whether they want you to cut it back or not.
8.  If you have a dog, make sure that it does not bark so much that it becomes a nuisance - and don't let your dog use your neighbors' lawns as toilets.  Pick up after your pets.
9.  If you have kids, make sure they know and respect your neighbors and their property. Do not allow them to play in a neighbor's yard unless you have discussed this with the neighbor previously.
10.  Pay attention to how bright your outdoor lighting is.  Sometimes it can shine into your neighbors' windows and keep them from sleeping.  This goes for Christmas decorations as well.  Check with your neighbors to make sure they are not bothered by your lights.
11.  If you have neighbors with small children, help to keep them safe by driving slowly down your street, watching for strangers, and helping where necessary.
12.  If you have elderly neighbors, keep an eye on them.  Offer to pick up groceries or to help with yard work or snow removal.
13.  If you should find yourself in a situation where you have a vacant home on your street, report the situation to the county and to the HOA's ACC Committee at Help out by picking up trash or newspapers.
14.  Consider planning a block party.  Get everyone together for a pot-luck picnic in the middle of the street.  As long as everyone agrees, it should be great fun.
15.  Do not block your mailbox with cars or trashbins.  Your mail carrier will thank you!
16.  Keep the lines of communication open between you and your neighbors.  Any problem can be resolved if neighbors care enough to work it out.