Be a Good Neighbor




Welcome to Forest Ridge!

We are very glad that you have chosen a home in our neighborhood.  Forest RIdge is a mature community of single-family homes that prides itself on our great old trees, our forested areas, and beautifully and lovingly maintained homes.  We hope you will be very happy here.

As a new owner, you should have received a resale disclosure packet from the previous owners.  This is a gray or dark blue notebook containing all of the important documents for our neighborhood.  If you did not receive this notebook, please contact our resale coordinator at immediatley to get one.

If you have your notebook, the first thing you need to do is return the Disclosure Notice.  It is in the front part of the notebook and should have a yellow post-it note on it and a return envelope stapled to the back.  When you sign and return this form, we can update our owners' database so that you can receive our regular newsletters and yearly dues assessments as well as any other important communication that may be required.

Secondly, you should review the documents in your book, especially the ACC Guidelines at TAB 6, the Common Area Regulations at TAB 7, and the Policy Resolutions at TAB 8.  At Tab 1 is the current information regarding our Board of Directors and our annual budget.

You should know that any exterior changes to your home or property requires the approval of our Achitectural Control Committee.  A Change Request Form was included in the front pocket of your notebook and instructions for the process are on our ACC page. 

Also, we love our Common Ground and want to maintain it so we ask that you do not infringe upon the common area or dump trash or yard debris into it.  But please do enjoy all of our wooded and grassy areas! 

Again, welcome to Forest Ridge.  Let us know if there is anything we can help you with or questions we can answer.  Go to the Contact Us page to find the phone numbers and e-mail addresses you need.