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Forest Ridge is blessed with a richness of mature trees that the developer took great pains to preserve. Some of the majestic oaks have been here for hundreds of years. Many of us have moved to this neighborhood to enjoy this unique suburban environment. It has now come to the attention of the board that some residents have removed every tree on their lot, even removed trees from our common grounds, completely changing the landscape of that part of the neighborhood. This has resulted in the highest number of calls to the Message Sysem than any other single subject. Homeowners are concerned that the value of their homes will be severely affected if any additional lots are denuded of their natural forest settings.

To help prevent this in the future, the Board is introducing a new Covenant and we need the help of every Forest Ridge homeowner to get the new covenant passed. A minimum of 75% of all homeowners (413) must approve the new covenant before it can be included under Article VII, Protective Covenants and Restrictions (Section 11).

Above is the Tree Petition. Please feel free to print it, sign it, and have your neighbors sign it. NOTE: Only homeowners of Forest Ridge may sign the petition. Once signed, please mail it to the address on the petition. Thanks for your help!

Save Our Trees Petition!