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The Forest Ridge Neighborhood Watch is seeking new members to improve coverage of our area. We are seeking people who stay home much of the time - either working from home or retirees - plus people who walk, jog, bicycle through the area.

Any residents who wishes to get involved and help keep our neighborhood safer are encouraged to contact us by one of the following means:

  • Forest Ridge Neighborhood Watch Coordinator, Mike Hebert, at 703-481-6586 or 703-994-8367
  • By contacting our group email address:
  • You may also post pertinent information to our public yahoo groups page at  This is a PUBLIC forum - please be cautious about the information you post.

Visit us during one of the HOA monthly meetings.  We hold an informal Neighborhood Watch meeting the first Thursday of each month at Forest Grove Elementary School,
prior to the HOA meeting. We will meet at 7:00pm, and the HOA general meeting begins at 7:30 pm.