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"I left a voice mail message in the ACC mailbox, and I did not receive a callback." 

We normally provide callbacks only when the caller requests one. If the message we receive does not request a callback, we assume a callback is not desired.  In order to receive a callback, you must at least leave your phone number.

“I received a letter that I have a covenants violation because my trash can is in front of my house , but my neighbors do the same thing.”

All Forest Ridge homeowners are obliged to support the same covenants and architectural guidelines . If you received a letter, it is probable your neighbors did as well. For reasons of homeowner privacy, we do not generally disclose who we have sent violation notices to.

“How do I know if I have ACC violations?”

Typically, you will be notified by letter of ACC violations that have been identified to the ACC by other homeowners or by ACC inspectors.  However, the HOA Covenants and ACC guidelines are posted on the website and in your Homeowner Notebook.  You should familiarize yourself with these guidelines so that you will know what is and is not a violation and can avoid a notice from the ACC. 

“When do I need to submit an Architectural Change Request Form?”

The Architectural Change Request Form is used to get the approval of the ACC prior to making any changes to the exterior of your property that is governed by the HOA.  This includes ALL changes to the exterior of your home, driveway, fencing, etc.  If you make a change to your home without prior approval you risk a fine for an unapproved change and, if the change is an ACC violation, your risk fines and the cost of correcting the violation.  When in doubt, e-mail to ask if you need approval for your upcoming projects.