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VDOT maintains the roads in our community.  They are responsible for repairing pot holes and cracks in the pavement and removing snow and ice.  If you see a problem or have a question, call them at 1-800-FOR-ROAD. 


VDOT is responsible for the removal of snow from our roads.  When 2 inches of snow has fallen, a snow plow will be dispatched to our subdivision.  It will be instructed to clear the main roads first, then secondary, then the cul-de-sacs.  Every Northern Virginia subdivision has a dedicated snow plow.

The snow plows are instructed to clear the roads from curb to curb but cars parked on the road will inhibit their ability to accomplish this clearing.  When snow is forecast, please park all your cars in your driveway.  Any cars that will not fit in your driveway should be parked on the odd-numbered side of the street so the plow can clear all the way to curb on the other side of the street.

If you have a fire hyrdrant near your property, protect it from snow by placing a clean trash can over it prior to snowfall.  Leave the can in place until the plow has come by, then remove the can and make sure access to the hydrant is clear. 

YOU are responsible for clearing the sidewalk in front of your home of all snow and ice.

FOREST RIDGE is responsible for clearing sidewalks on common grounds.  The HOA has a contract with a private company to clear these sidewalks.  E-mail commongrounds@forest-ridge.org if you have questions or see problems.